Creating art that can be felt through your fingertips,
Lensen is a tactile drawing kit for you to expand art beyond seeing


Clear touch

The wool is captured smoothly while drawing on the specially developed hook tape book

Safe cutting

The cutter is hidden safely in a shaft at the tip of the pen, making it simple to swipe and cut the wool while drawing

Multiple texture

By using multiple textures of wool you can sense various tactile line in the art piece you are creating


What is black surface? Is it some kind of glue so the yarn would stick to it?
The black surface is a special ‘hook ’ tape (aka Velcro) which is flat and thin, like sandpaper. The tape is easily attached to woven textures such as wool or yarn. They are easy to use, safe and maintenance free.
What type of yarn should I use? Does it require a special yarn?
The yarn is a typical wool that can be easily found at any art and craft store. Our recommended thickness is 3 ply (3 fadig ) or 4 ply.
How many times can the equipment be used?
The black surface (the drawing board) can be used gradually and frequently. The yarn, however should be used for about 3 – 4 times.
How easy is it for the yarn to fall off if I want to show the art piece to someone?
The yarn does no easily fall off. It sticks well to the (hook tape) black board, which can be hung on walls as decoration or art piece.
How can I make the art piece more special?
You could start off by using colored wool to decorate it. You may even use textiles such as
How may I start drawing onto the board?
The instruction manual suggest how you may use the lensen tool. However as a first time, you may start by outlining the shapes onto the board . Inside the box are shape templates which you may cut out.

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  • Creating complex pictures from basic shapes

    Topic to teach: Creating complex pictures from basic shapes

  • Big and small

    Topic to teach: Big and small

    Learning objectives:
    1. Students will understand the concept of big and small
    2. Students will be able to tell the compare the size